10 Things The MCU Wishes It Could've Done Differently

If only the Inhumans could be snapped away into dust...

Marvel Studios

Though they make it look easy by stringing together blockbuster hit after blockbuster hit, the monumental success Marvel Studios has had with their cinematic universe hasn't been achieved without a few bumps in the road.

From controversial recastings to poorly-portrayed characters and some flat-out bad products, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a strong first decade, punctuated by some notable bad points here and there. These haven't exactly been enough to drag the whole operation down, but great success comes with an even greater amount of scrutiny, making the MCU's sore spots stick out - no matter how minor they might be.

And unfortunately for the filmmakers, president Kevin Feige, and everyone else over at Marvel Studios, those sore spots are here to stay. Unlike the Avengers, the company can't simply figure out time travel, hop into the Quantum Realm, and tinker with past events, righting all their wrongs and addressing their regrets in the process.

But if they could alter the past, they probably would, and there are a number of things the studio might wish they could change about the MCU first.


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