Ant-Man DVD: 10 Things We Learned From Director's Commentary

Peyton Reed and Paul Rudd make for an entertaining, informative double act for one thing.

The hullaballoo surrounding the production of Ant-Man dominated the film's release last year; original director Edgar Wright left the project in 2014 and there was an overwhelming lack of faith when Bring It On director Peyton Reed was announced as his replacement. To be fair to Reed and all involved, the film was a critical and commercial success, and afterwards people began to question where exactly the credit was due. What remained in the film from Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish's draft of the script? What elements did Peyton Reed bring to the table? Thanks to the recent arrival of the film on Blu-Ray, we've been gifted a director's commentary that clears up who was responsible for what. It's a fascinating track - the nuggets of interesting info that come up in the conversation between Reed and star Paul Rudd range from small (Hank Pym has ants on his cufflinks!) to big (it was actually Peyton Reed's idea to do the cool 'word-of-mouth' sequences). Notably, we also learn that Rudd's assisted re-write on the film - alongside Anchorman director Adam McKay - is responsible for a lot of what makes Ant-Man a solid movie. More than that, having both Reed and Rudd on board to share banter and anecdotes just makes for good old-fashioned entertainment, especially thanks to the latter, who's on fire as ever. There are even a couple hints about the planned 2018 sequel, Ant-Man And The Wasp, which are bound to get fanboy juices flowing. Take a look at ten of the more interesting tidbits after the jump!

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