10 Things Wes Anderson Puts In EVERY Movie

2. Emphasis On His Set Designs Through Camera Language

Wes Anderson Filmmaking
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Best Example: Symmetry

The set designs of Wes Anderson are upscale to say the least. His films are not just to be viewed, they’re an experience. The director has a way of making sure his art forms are displayed to the maximum by having great control over the cinematography, particularly with the aid of Robert Yeoman.

The set pieces are fully exposed through various methods. Static, anamorphic wide-frames are regularly used in order to display the entire setting and not just the characters. Sometimes, the camera will move with the characters to emphasis the functionality of the micro-universe created as well as keep in form with Wes’ usual sharp-moving storytelling.

Most recognisably, Wes likes to use symmetrical shots. He achieves this through rectilinear set design which gives a precise look of symmetry through understated straight lines on screen. Furthermore, Anderson’s vivid scaled back colouring helps to make sure that the left and right of the screen are completely matching. The symmetry of his art has many great purposes – to evoke a comic quality, to make the tone more eccentric and simply to make his movies more appealing. Most importantly, it shows off his grand production values.

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