10 Things You Didn't Know About Alan Rickman

A brief glimpse at the amazing actor's amazing life.

Alan Rickman has one of the most powerful screen presences in the history of modern cinema. From his tall, looming stature to his deep, gravely voice, no-one encapsulates a character quite like Rickman.

Born in 1946 in London, England, the actor went on to master television, film and stage acting, portraying some of the most memorable characters the screen has ever seen. From the surprisingly nuanced, complex Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series to the vicious, psychotic Hans Gruber in Die Hard, Rickman's contributions to cinema are enormous. But there's so much more to Rickman than merely acting. The man was a deeply generous, deeply loyal and deeply talented individual, someone with a surprisingly wacky sense of humour and a love for art in all its many forms.

From performing in a music video to showing the world how to make the world's most epic cup of tea, here are ten amazing things you didn't know about Alan Rickman.


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