10 Things You Didn't Know About Kristen Stewart

6. She Loves To Surf

Though it's easy to imagine Kristen Stewart as the exact opposite of a girl who likes to spend her time outdoors, the actress is - believe it or not - a keen surfer. Her brother, Cameron Stewart, is also reportedly big on the sport, and the pair can often be glimpsed catching a wave whenever there's a spare moment in her busy schedule. This was apparently a passion that started young, too: a fairly recent Access Hollywood documentary on the actress features a clip of a 12-year-old Kristen Stewart browsing a surf shop, a place where - at the time - she apparently felt best defined her. "I like to surf, I like to skateboard," she reveals, as if the location of the interview - a room backed with surf boards - wasn't enough to convey such a message. Bit of a tomboy, Kristen?

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