10 Things You Didn't Know About Kristen Stewart

4. She & Robert Pattinson Used Last Tango In Paris As Inspiration For Their Twilight Romance

It might seem like a somewhat bizarre choice of inspiration, given the age of one of its leads in the picture and the notorious, almost queasy nature of its sex scenes, but - and this is according to the stars themselves - Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart used Last Tango in Paris as a means of bonding across the span of the Twilight franchise. Seriously. When asked in a candid interview whether or not the pair were using anything in particular to draw inspiration from in order to cement their on-screen chemistry, Stewart mentioned the Marlon Brando movie, whilst Pattinson added: "That€™s kind of what we€™re basing the entire relationship on, in a lot of ways." If you're yet to see Last Tango in Paris, it's an interesting - albeit uncomfortable - watch; somewhat essential in a lot of ways, especially for cinephiles, it tells the story of an American widower (Brando) who embarks on a sexual relationship with a much younger French woman (Maria Schneider). It's up to you to work out how it ties to Twilight.

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