10 Things You Didn't Know About Poltergeist

If you thought the film was scary, wait until you hear what happened behind the scenes...

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Poltergeist was set up nicely in order to scare movie goers of the 1980s. It’s a film which isn’t based on any novella or already iconic horror book, so viewers went in not knowing what to expect.

The main characters were all cast with unknown actors, to make the storyline seem more realistic. And somehow, the film got away with a PG rating, which meant less restriction on who was able to see it in theatres.

The unexpected terrors of Poltergeist are what caught audiences off guard and made it one of the stand out horror flicks of the decade. What’s more is that the setting and plot genuinely changed the way people think of the supernatural. It has since inspired an obsession with paranormal activity, and created a sub-genre for the horror franchise.

In fact, the film’s own fiction seemed to manifest itself upon real life, with cast and crew finding themselves experiencing strange phenomena and overall causing some uneasy tension on set.

After all, the movie was quite literally filmed near an unearthed Indian burial ground, with the construction of a supermarket on top of it in Agoura Hills, Los Angeles. And this was only the eerie beginning. Let’s find out why the thrills and scares of Poltergeist felt so real and intense.

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