10 Things You Didn't Know About Prometheus

Is it an Alien prequel or not, dammit!

Prometheus is an oddity. Not only is it an example of a great sci-fi film, but it's also an example of a bad one. For all the fan service to Alien fans, terrific visual quality, interesting premise and excellent acting; Prometheus also suffers heavily from an identity problem. While in development, the script for the film notoriously underwent several complete script rewrites, unable to decide on whether it was simply a grand, space faring adventure set in the Alien universe, of a fully-fledged prequel to the franchise that made Ridley Scott famous. We can't provide a definitive answer for you, but what we can do is provide you with some information which will hopefully help you make up your own mind as to what the ultimate intentions of the film were. In addition to helping you answer just what in the hell that 'thing' was at the end of Prometheus to why Jesus was originally supposed to be in the film, you can also find out some lesser fun facts. Where did the aesthetic inspiration for LV-223 come from? Did we almost have a James Cameron directed Prometheus instead of a Ridley Scott version? Read on to find out some of the lesser-known facts of a film that wasn't quite sure what it was.
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