10 Things You Didn't Know About Starship Troopers

9. The Film's Director And Cinematographer Shot Some Scenes In The Nude

Neil Patrick Harris - Starship Troopers
TriStar Pictures

Director Paul Verhoeven is well-known known for featuring nude scenes in his films, but despite receiving extensive criticism for gratuity, he usually has a good reason for their inclusion.

Starship Troopers' infamous shower scene, for example, is designed to show a society that has advanced to the point of gender neutrality, where male and female recruits can happily shower together in a relaxed manner without any sense of sexualisation or embarrassment.

However, our own society has not yet reached this point and understandably the prospect of filming a fully nude, mixed-gender scene struck fear into the hearts of some members of the cast and crew.

Reportedly, in a bid to settle nerves, Dina Meyer (Dizzy Flores) dared Verhoeven and his director of photography Jost Vacano to film the scene in the nude, to which they duly agreed, discarding their clothes and filming a single take.

It's a story that sounds like an urban legend, but Verhoeven himself has never been shy about confirming the facts: "One cast member said they would only get naked if we did. Well, my cinematographer was born in a nudist colony and I have no problem with taking my clothes off, so we did."


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