10 Things You Didn't Know About The Predator

All the secrets you need to know about these iconic aliens.

Aliens Vs Predator
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1987 was a funny year. Not only did it give us the song that would go on to cause endless Rickrolling, but we were blessed with another icon too. After the huge success of Ridley Scott’s Alien almost ten years before, it seemed the Xenomorph was the most formidable creature in space.

Then we met the Predator.

Huge, hulking and able to easily take on the Terminator himself, the Predator was an instant sci-fi and horror legend.

But not much was known about the mandibled monster in the first film, and a lot of the mystery continued throughout the sequels. That was, as well as its’ iconic infamous appearance, part of the appeal. Like the xenomorph, so much curiosity and intrigue surrounded this thing that we just had to know more.

However, thanks to an expansive comic book universe and many more subsequent movies of varying quality, we’ve been granted a whole horde of information to rummage through.

10. The Predator's Real Name

Aliens Vs Predator

Say Predator and pretty much everyone knows what you mean. Big, reptilian nasty looking thing with even nastier looking teeth and weapons. But, as we’ve seen there is more than one of these aliens, and they are a specific species.

Actually known as the Yautja, they originate from a faraway planet called from Yautja Prime. Not too imaginative, are they? They are only known as The Predator in the movies, but the species was finally named in the Aliens Vs Predator comic in 1990.

Some of the individual Yautja in films have nicknames, which reflect their role or personality in some way too. For example, the original 1987 Predator has come to be known as The Jungle Predator, no prizes for guessing why. Similarly, we have The Fugitive Predator in the 2018 film and Scar in the Alien vs Predator movie.

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