10 Things You Just Have To Accept About The Amazing Spider-Man Reboot

Are these films getting more hate than they're worth?

Rarely has so much hate been foisted upon a beloved franchise as that of the recent incarnation of Spider-Man. It€™s a given that any reboot is going to be met with apprehension before the first still of footage is leaked. The Dark Knight Saga had it easy; all it had to follow was Joel Schumacher€™s ode to gay camp via spandex vigilantes. Marc Webb€™s Amazing Spider-Man, on the other hand, had to follow an astonishingly lucrative trilogy that was beloved by critic and fan alike. Never mind how bloody awful many found the third instalment (which had its own charm in a way), the first two films were fresh enough in our minds to liken a reboot so soon to a film noir femme fatale eloping with a lover shortly after her hubby€™s death: it put us all ill at ease. Imagine our collective surprise at how much we enjoyed the first Amazing Spider-Man, then. Sure, there were some detractors exclaiming this wasn€™t the real Peter Parker, or that they wanted Mary Jane back, or that it was rehashing an origin with which we were all-too-familiar, but it still managed to give us something new to dwell upon and so we decided to give this new variation a chance. Then came the second film, and with it, the Internet back draft of the decade. Gone was the adulation and goodwill created by the first, as audiences collectively threw up their hands (and possibly in their mouths) as they declared Amazing Spider-Man 2 the worst in the franchise. But it really wasn€™t, was it? After all, if so many people can agree they don€™t like a certain film, then why can they almost never agree on what was quite wrong with it? This Spider-Man reboot is just the most recent victim of backlash. Instead of blaring out what we didn€™t like about it and declare the whole thing garbage, why don€™t we dismantle its individual parts, those that work and those that don€™t, and accept it once and for all for what it is? Excelsior!

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