10 Things You Learn Rewatching Halloween (2007)

Rob Zombie's attempt to re-imagine John Carpenter's original vision.


Following the fallout of the atrocity that was Halloween: Resurrection, it looked as though Michael Myers may have finally truly met his end. In the early 2000s, the franchise was practically dead with no clear future in sight for it.

This lead to Dimension feeling that the best thing for the franchise was a completely clean slate, a new start. And thus, in 2007, a remake of the original Halloween was released. Directed by shock-horror auteur Rob Zombie, the film opened to big box office success (and a fairly positive reception from the general public) but to little acclaim from fans or critics.

They despised it, claiming that Zombie's film took the hallowed original and turned into a straight-to-DVD slasher flick that was entirely unremarkable. Since then, Zombie released a director's cut and has made it pretty much impossible for anyone to get their hands on the theatrical cut ever again (which is why this rewatch centers around said director's cut).

With Blumhouse's new film growing closer by the day, Zombie's remake is set to become a relic of a long-lost era, forgotten sooner rather than later. But does it deserve this fate? Is it the harmful rehash that many say it is or is it an underappreciated gem? Let's find out...


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