10 Things You Need To Know Before Watching Joker

9. A One Off For Joaquin Phoenix

Joker Joaquin Phoenix
Warner Bros.

Unlike many other franchises in this sort of genre of movie, lead actor Joaquin Phoenix has - so far - only signed up to do this one film as he looks to put his own spin on The Joker.

Joker will more than likely be a success, meaning the clamour for a sequel will inevitably gather pace.

However, unlike actors like Christian Bale in the Dark Knight franchise or Chris Evans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the likelihood is we will only see Phoenix come to life as this particular comic book character on this one occasion.

It's a break from the norm for the Gladiator star in taking on this role in the first place, and he surely won't commit to a second helping unless he truly feels the story and character deserve it.

Phoenix could well eclipse the performance of the late Heath Ledger, but it would be a big shock to see him don the white face paint once again.

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