10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Hellraiser

9. The Pinhead Actor Strongly Considered Playing A Bit Part

Hellraiser Pinhead
New World Pictures

When Doug Bradley was offered the role of Pinhead, you'd assume he jumped at the opportunity to play the part, especially since he never appeared in a feature-length film before.

However, the Liverpudlian performer strongly considered turning it down to play the bit part, Mattress Mover 2. This may sound like a crazy thing to do but in Bradley's defence, Pinhead had a much smaller role in the original script.

And since Bradley would have to wear heavy makeup to depict a human pin-cushion, he was worried no one would know what he looked like. If he played an extra, at least viewers could see his face, making it more likely he would get more acting work. This argument was made all the more compelling when the actors and crew didn't recognise Bradley at the wrap party since they'd never seen him out of costume!

Bradley's apprehension is completely understandable considering many actors have been forgotten despite playing iconic characters, simply because their face was obscured. Even the most hardcore horror fans would struggle to tell you who played the Xenomorph, Jason Voorhees, the Predator, and Michael Myers since the performer's face is never seen.


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