10 Times Actors Refused To Do Reshoots

9. Bette Davis' Where Love Has Gone Refusal Results In Court Cast

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Edward Dmytryk's disappointing 1964 drama Where Love Has Gone failed to capitalise on the dishy pairing of screen legends Susan Hayward and Bette Davis, despite solid efforts from both actresses.

Davis, who had a lifelong reputation for being both a perfectionist and for fearlessly standing up to producers, directors, and even her co-stars, pushed back when the film's producer, Joseph E. Levine, requested last-minute reshoots.

Basically, Levine felt that the existing ending wasn't strong enough, and ordered a new climactic scene to be shot where Davis' character, Mrs. Gerald Hayden, would go insane in the courtroom before committing suicide.

But Davis resisted, insisting that these actions would've been entirely out of character for Hayden, prompting an incensed Levine to escalate the argument by taking Davis to court for refusing to film the scene.

In a surprising outcome, Davis actually won her case and wasn't forced to shoot a new ending against her wishes.

Despite sticking to her guns, though, the film received tepid reviews and is largely only remembered today among Hayward/Davis completionists.


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