10 Times Actors Went Too Far (And Improved Movie Scenes)

Sometimes it's worth taking a risk...

A Clockwork Orange
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Films are not always organic, fully formed creatures when they are written. The script can change as the film is made and actors, directors and producers can make decisions about where the project is going which completely remixes the process. And sometimes, actors decide to say or do something wholly unexpected, resulting in pure magic.

Be it fun one-liners or actions which caught others off guard, the following list delves deep into the times actors went off script (or conspired with the director) to add another level to the film they were making. Many of the films featured are classics, and all offer something wonderful and unique thanks to some ballsy performing from the actors involved.

In most cases, what transpired from these bursts of creativity are scenes nothing short of perfect borne from the kind of scenario that comes along once in a lifetime. Genre, too, is no barrier to these moments of genius - horror, comedy, action and drama, every one gets a chance to shine. Actors may go too far with their ideas, but these are often the most impressive ones, and it's safe to say audiences are glad some performers are willing to take the risk.

Spoilers follow, so consider yourself warned.

10. An Extra - Being John Malkovich

A Clockwork Orange
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This is one of those rare and fun moments it would be completely impossible to recreate in another take. Being John Malkovich is a film full of wonderful and zany moments, aided by an almost insane performance from John Cusack as puppeteer Craig Schwartz. In the film, Schwartz finds a hidden magic door which allows those who enter the ability to be inside the head of John Malkovich - seeing what he sees, feeling what he feels, and hearing what he hears.

After he meets Schwartz, Malkovich storms off in a fit of rage. As he does, a car passes by with a man leaning out the window; a man who commences to yell, "Hey, Malkovich, think fast!" and throw a can at the actor. Malkovich's reaction to being hit by the can is completely genuine and one of the film's best moments.

Both the yell and the throwing of the can was unscripted, and director Spike Jonze loved it so much he decided to keep it in. And it's a good thing he did, because it will never not be funny. To make it even more hilarious, it might interest you to know that the extra - who was reportedly actually drunk at the time - wasn't fired, but he was given a raise. Now that's a good day's work.


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