10 Times Alfred Pennyworth Utterly DESTROYED Batman

The only weapons Alfred needs to destroy the Dark Knight are quick fit and dry humour.

Alfred Pennyworth Portion of Nothing
DC Comics

It's almost impossible to think about Batman without immediately following that thought up with Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce's loyal butler, armorer, mission specialist, medic, conscience and surrogate father.

Loyal to a fault, Alfred has literally given his life to protect Bruce and other members of the Bat-Family. He has proved adept as a fighter - after all, most versions of Alfred spent time either in the military or as an intelligence agent - and he is the only member of the Bat-Family who Bruce doesn't frown upon for using a firearm, with Pennyworth partial to a shotgun or antique blunderbuss.

Alfred's greatest weapon, though, is his ability to completely put Bruce in his place, generally through the driest of dry British wit, biting sarcasm, and the confidence that he is virtually the only Family member who can escape Bruce's wrath for speaking his mind.

Despite beatings from the many members of the Caped Crusader's rogues gallery, despite the broken back and fractured skull and bullet wounds, despite being driven to the point of madness by multiple villains, the only person in Bruce's life who can bring him to a halt virtually any time he wants, and all with a handful of words, is Alfred Pennyworth.

Let's look at ten times that Alfred schooled Bruce in knocking someone down a notch or two.

10. Justice League: Doom - Alfred Treats Bruce Like A Kid By Making Him Eat His Dinner And Take A Nap

We have been told many times that, as Batman, Bruce Wayne pushes his body and mind to superhuman limits. Alfred once referred to him as 'possibly the best-conditioned man on the planet.'

Because of Bruce's indomitable will, he often makes a point of trying to push himself past the point where he should be taking a step back to recharge and relax.

Enter: Alfred.

In Justice League: Doom, Alfred recognizes that Bruce is far, far overdue for food, sleep, and healing. He tries reasoning with Bruce, and when that doesn't work literally steps into his 'dad' role by blocking Bruce from the Batcave and telling him that he is not going back to work without Alfred stitching up his wounds, eight hours of rest, and a meal of Alfred's famous chicken soup (said chicken soup would also make a pivotal appearance in the classic Batman: The Animated Series 'Heart of Ice' as a weapon to stop Mr. Freeze).

Begrudgingly, Bruce agrees and lets Alfred escort him to the kitchen, where, in Alfred's words, Bruce can "brood while you eat and I'll stitch up your wounds".

The scene is a great mix of the love, exasperation, and humour with which Alfred views Master Bruce.


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