10 Times Disney Blatantly Stole From Other Movies

The sincerest form of flattery.

WALL E Short Circuit
Pixar & TriStar

It's becoming increasingly apparent that Disney is basically taking over the world, at least as far as pop-culture and entertainment are concerned.

With their insanely lucrative ownership of both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars franchise, not to mention their litany of classic self-created animated and live-action properties, their subsidiaries such as Pixar and their impending acquisition of Fox, they're basically a money-printing factory at this point.

They didn't get there without a whole lot of effort, ingenuity, business sense and, yes, a healthy sprinkling of "inspiration", though. Perhaps more than any other major creative entity in Hollywood, the Mouse House has been accused of liberally lifting ideas from other sources - be they prior animations or live-action movies - and not even giving due, decent credit.

These 10 Disney movies, most of them solid gold, undeniable classics, owe a wealth of their success to less-esteemed properties that arguably deserve some recognition for the A-list hits they helped create.

Naturally, the parties involved with the creation of these projects typically aren't too fond to admit their cribbing from existing works, but regardless of what they or a court of law says, the evidence itself is overwhelming...

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