10 Times Hollywood Pissed Off Fanboys (And Then Proved Them Wrong)

When filmmakers serve haters a big old slice of humble pie.

Disney Star Wars

As reviews for the unnecessarily controversial Ghostbusters reboot continue to defy online expectations and proclaim the female-led remake a success, the fanboys trying to run a smear campaign against the project are being forced to admit that maybe they were wrong. Early reactions from the Rotten Tomatoes critics currently have the film sitting on a 78% approval rating on the website, a far cry from the huge splat many had predicted.

It isn't the first time that a group of fans have banded together to rally against a decision made by Hollywood, and it certainly won't be the last time fanboys cause a stir about their property of choice, but is this level of fanaticism beneficial to any franchise? Fandom is a brilliant thing, bringing together like-minded people so that they can celebrate their passion for something they love, though it often encourages delusions of fan-ownership and hinders change.

A fan can spend decades following a franchise and still not necessarily know what is best for it, though years of fandom service seems to give some fanboys the impression that their opinion is the only one worth listening to. Of course, a lot of the time the fanboys get it right (when they bemoaned George Clooney's casting as Batman, for example) though sometimes Hollywood is forced to ignore them for their own good.

From risky casting decisions and suspect adaptations to more unwanted reboots, here are ten times that Hollywood enraged fanboys only to make them eat their words...


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