10 Times James Bond Films Were Better Than The Books

Sometimes, somebody does do it better.


Sometimes it can be sacrilege to imply that an adaptation is far superior to its source material, especially in an age where as soon as Game of Thrones was ahead of its book counterparts, its following and its reputation went up in smoke in more spectacular fashion than the Sept of Baelor did.

James Bond on the other the hand is a franchise that has greatly surpassed its source material and refused to die, despite having shot itself in the foot with some really dumb moments over the years ranging from flat gags to nonsensical plot developments.

It’s those moments that have made some of the purists amongst Bond fans believe that Ian Fleming, the creator and author of the original books, did not put a foot wrong and produced classic after classic. Outdated as they may be, the books are great but not all of them were stellar efforts, even by Fleming’s admission, and that means that whether you like it or not, the films have improved massively on what they are based on.

Just a note: spoilers ahead for both the books and the films.

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