10 Times James Bond Turned Into A Complete Psychopath

10. That Time He Ejected Hugo Drax Into Space - Moonraker

Maybe it's because of his cheerful bonhomie, or maybe it's because his unengaged acting style made it look like he gave as much thought to killing as he did to bedding women, but Roger Moore in retrospect seems like one of the more chilling iterations of Bond. Take, for example, Moore's turn in Moonraker. It's one of the least remarkable Bond films - it's basically a sci-fi pastiche trying to capitalise on the success of Star Wars - featuring one of the series' least remarkable villains, Hugo Drax (Michael Lonsdale), but it does feature one of Bond's more unnecessarily mean-spirited kills. At Moonraker's merciful climax, following a battle aboard a space station that every self-respecting Bond fan tries to forget, Bond chases Drax down to an isolated area of the station. Though Drax initially appears to have the upper hand, Bond manages to shoot his foe with a dart which, being tipped with cyanide, will soon spell the end. This isn't quick enough for Bond, though, who forces Drax into an airlock with the horrifyingly English kiss-off, "take a giant step for mankind", before ejecting the poor sap into space so he can suffer an agony no other Bond villain will ever know.

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