10 Times Pranks Between Movie Co-Stars Went Too Far

Naked Hobbits, fake deaths and a whole lotta vandalism. Some movie pranks cross a line.

Burned Alive

Who among us doesn't love playing a prank on an unsuspecting friend or relative? We've all done the classics: salt in a drink, fake fly in the ice cube, hiding in the back of your friend's car during their driving lesson and jumping out causing them to almost hit an old man in a mobility scooter. But when it comes to actors with an unlimited supply of cash and nothing but time on their hands, the sky is the limit for their pranking potential!

With countless hours of free time between shoots and having to work in close proximity with the same people for months on end, it's inevitable that these often multi-millionaires will find new and creative ways of messing with each other. But what happens when a prank goes too far?

This article will list the ten utterly outrageous pranks that co-stars played on each other that may have crossed a few lines. We will reveal which actor is painfully gullible, which actors had to shoot a whole fake scene naked, and who was almost given heat stroke by Tom Cruise.

I would say don't try these pranks at home, but they're so elaborate, so genius, so conniving that if you do have the means to pull any of these off, I tip my cap to you. But seriously. Don't. Enjoy!

10. Taron Egerton And Channing Tatum's Adult Toy War

Burned Alive

Kingsmen: The Golden Circle is a great spy thriller and involves a rivalry between the American Kingsmen and their British compatriots, but it seems the co-stars Taron Egerton and Channing Tatum kept the competition between the two countries going long after the cameras stopped rolling.

Towards the end of their shoot together, Egerton wanted to give Tatum a parting gift he could remember. So, when he was out one night, Egerton snuck into his hotel room and filled it with empty wine and beer bottles, and placed a female mannequin in his bed dressed in a wig and heels.

After days of no retaliation, Egerton finally got a taste of his own medicine on the final day of shooting. Upon opening the door to his room, he found Tatum had taken the prank way too far by absolutely covering his room in adult toys. He stated there were around 20 sex dolls, and a large number of prosthetic dongs of all shapes and sizes. Lord knows how he explained that credit card bill to his accountants and I can't help but wonder whether Egerton took any home as a souvenir to remind him not to mess with Channing Tatum.


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