10 Times Star Wars Broke Its Own Rules

The force was not strong with these specific Star Wars moments...

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Rey Death

If sitting back and watching the world first brought to life by George Lucas in 1977 unfold over the last four decades or so has taught us one thing, it's that this galaxy far, far away has a habit of being a tad inconsistent from time to time.

Now, it is worth acknowledging the fact that this ever-expanding universe has been passed through a great many hands over the years, meaning that everyone from Rian Johnson to J.J. Abrams to Irvin Kershner has had their fingerprints all over the lore and logic of the Jedi and Sith battling it out for supremacy across the universe.

But even with this in mind, that still doesn't mean these various creatives, directors, and producers couldn't have tried a little harder to ensure they were all reading from the same sacred book when deciding on backstories, powers, or even the ability to converse in an alien language.

From characters suddenly forgetting vital information when it suits the story, to insanely OP abilities springing up out of nowhere just because, these were the times Star Wars completely tore up its own rulebook.

10. Obi Wan Being Classed As R2-D2's Former Master

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Rey Death

Let's face it, Obi Wan Kenobi doesn't have what you'd class as the most reliable memory in the galaxy by the time we meet the Jedi Master in A New Hope.

On top of randomly deciding to refer to his one-time apprentice as simply "Darth" mid-battle, Ben also has no recollection of ever meeting R2-D2 or C-3PO; or even having ever owned a droid either. You have to feel bad for poor R4-P17, don't you?

However, the fact that R2-D2 claimed to be the property of the wise old space wizard at all in Episode IV doesn't really add up. In short, he never was.

Throughout the prequels and Clone Wars animated series we see that R2 was pretty much joined at the hip with Anakin Skywalker, also making Darth Vader's attempts to blast the astromech to smithereens at the end of the movie that little bit more disheartening.

Sure, R2 may have just said this to Luke to get himself in front of his former ally to successfully deliver Leia's message, but it seems like a bit of a hopeful plan considering he wasn't to know whether he was even on Tattoine at that point.

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