10 Times Star Wars Filmed Things You Weren't Meant To See

9. The Rebel Officer Wearing Platform Shoes - A New Hope

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Here's one that totally defies categorisation. At the very end of A New Hope, when Luke, Han (Harrison Ford), and Chewie (Peter Mayhew) are being celebrated at the rebel base, keep your eye on one of the rebel officers on the right-hand side of the screen.

Just after the three heroes begin ascending the steps, the assembled rebels turn inwards, and for a moment one of the officers can be seen wearing platform shoes.

While you might at first assume that the actor playing the officer was given the shoes due to his diminutive height, considering that many other officers near him are much smaller, there doesn't seem to be a practical reason for it.

It's more likely that the costume department ran out of normal flat shoes and just had to make do with whatever they had lying around, and understandably assumed folks wouldn't ever notice.

Then again it was also the '70s, when disco was in its prime...

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