10 Times Superman Was Humiliated

9. He Had His Jaw Broken - King Takes Pawn

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Superman Raven
DC Comics

Not only did Actions Comics #779 have Superman bested in battle, the Man of Steel was bested so badly that he was dragged out of battle for fear of being killed.

This all came about as Supes and his 'family' - as in Supergirl, Superboy, and Kelex donned in Steel's armour - came to the rescue of Pokolistan in the King Takes Pawn story. With the country under threat, an all-out battle erupts between the Supers and the sinister line-up of Faora, Kancer, Ignition and a hefty army.

Once these villains are joined by a mysterious masked figure, said stranger punches Superman so hard that he breaks the Boy Scout's jaw. Luckily, Kelex manages to teleport Big Blue and the team out of danger, with him doing so because one more punch from this mystery man would be like Doomsday all over again - implying that we'd get something similar to 1993's Death of Superman tale.

It would eventually be revealed that Superman's attacker here was Zod. Well, not that General Zod, but instead a second General Zod - a Zod who was the son of a couple of Russian astronauts who were hit by radiation.

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