10 Times The MCU Broke Its Own Rules

The MCU sure isn't watertight.

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Marvel Studios

There's no denying that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most impressive pop-culture enterprises ever assembled, touting a shockingly consistent baseline of quality across its two-dozen movies to date, and keeping a firm(ish) handle on both its characters and general lore.

But as is inevitable with any franchise this impossible huge, there are times when the MCU has betrayed its own established rules, and superhero fans being what they are, these issues certainly haven't gone unnoticed.

To be clear, we're not merely talking about plot holes - such as the infamous timeline discrepancy in Spider-Man: Homecoming - but instances where a movie has actively walked-back a long-accepted and well-known truth.

This typically relates to a certain power set, ability, or set-in-stone rule of the universe which has either been conveniently downplayed or outright forgotten for the sake of narrative convenience.

While in most cases they don't even get close to breaking their respective movies, these logical issues nevertheless left dedicated fans a little up in arms.

Given the absolute mess of contradictions and holes the MCU could be, though, it's honestly impressive that there isn't more to complain about...


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