10 Tiny Details Actors Requested For Movies

9. Sam Neill Requested An Aboriginal Australian Flag On His Uniform - Event Horizon

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For his role as Dr. William Weir in cult sci-fi horror film Event Horizon, Sam Neill made a small yet frankly ingenious costume recommendation to director Paul W.S. Anderson.

With Weir being an Australian, the character wore a patch on his uniform bearing the country's flag, though Neill asked that the flag receive a futuristic alteration, replacing the Union Jack in the top-left corner with that of an Aboriginal flag.

Neill felt that this was the way the flag should look by the year 2047, renouncing the country's colonial ties while paying tribute to those who first made Australia their home.

We'll have to wait and see whether or not Neill's hopeful look towards the future comes to fruition - probably not, sadly - but it sure is a neat character flourish either way.


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