10 Tiny Matt Damon Roles That Prove He's The King Of Cameos

Matt Damon's in everything...


Matt Damon is in everything these days. If he's not reprising one of his famous franchises like the Bourne films or the Ocean's series, he's in a chain of blockbusters like The Martian or Downsizing. He's even a fantastic writer and producer with a string of major credits to his name.

No-one's complaining about how much he works, as he's such a great screen presence. He's also charming and a great actor with fantastic range that makes him great in everything from comedy to tragedy. By the look of it, there's nothing he can't do.

One thing he definitely can do is be in any movie he wants - and he does, judging by the number of cameos he has. For every movie he's the lead in, he's got a cameo in five more. It's almost like he thinks if we don't see him for more than five minutes, we'll forget about him.

To prove him as the King of Cameos, here are ten small roles, some of which you may have missed because of his tiny role size and others in which he hides in plain sight. Or doesn't hide at all.

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