10 Top Class Actors In Desperate Need Of A Hit

Being on top of the business doesn't have you from a bad streak.

Dark Phoenix Magneto Michael Fassbender

The world of Hollywood can be a ruthless mistress. While an actor can be on top of the world one day, the next they may have completely faded into obscurity. One of the best ways to guarantee longevity in an acting career is to make sure that the projects you sign on for are successful, but often hindsight can make fools of us.

The actors in this article are all incredibly decorated stars who have either made their names in a plethora of well-received performances or franchises that helped carry them to the top. However, they have all been experiencing a career dip as of late, with their most recent projects either being commercially or critically disappointing.

For them to climb their way back, they need to catch a role in a project that reminds everyone of why they are considered to be in the top brass, to begin with.

A slew of poor film choices can derail the career of a top star, and unfortunately for the following actors, if they don't get a hit soon, they could be in danger of falling out of the spotlight.

10. Kiera Knightley

Dark Phoenix Magneto Michael Fassbender
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Kiera Knightley is a wonderful presence in the film industry, as she has an abundance of charm not only in her performances but her general personality as well. The English actor made her name mostly from the incredibly popular Pirates of the Caribbean series. Although she had been a moderately well-known star before then, this was what brought her name into the mainstream.

As of late, her films have not been very well publicised. She has had some great showings in smaller projects such as Misbehaviour and Colette, but nothing has come close to matching the amount of success that she bore in the high-points of her career.

One of the biggest failures has to be Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms where she played the iconic Sugar Plum Fairy. This film was received very poorly by critics and did not gain a decent amount of traction anywhere. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who even remembers the film.

Knightley is a great performer with a real prestigious presence, but to keep that alive, she desperately needs a movie to bring her back into the mainstream.


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