10 Toughest Movie Heroes Ever

9. Lindy Lewis - Jolt

Kate Beckinsale Jolt
Amazon Studios

Perhaps hero, is too strong a word with this one?

But if a movie wants to demonstrate the badass nature of its hero, it should present three key elements; fearlessness, resilience and unflinching determination in their endeavour. How delightful that we get all three within this character from 2021's Amazon movie, Jolt.

Kate Beckinsale's Lindy isn't as much a virtuous hero, but a woman scorned and out for blood. Her character is established early on as being a violent, unhinged hooligan whose idea of conflict resolution, wouldn't look a step out of place in a Wetherspoons on a Saturday night. What shifts the character from public menace to cheer-worthy anti-hero is her unstoppable tenacity to solve the (supposed) murder of a man she's rather sweet on.

Let's preface this by saying that the plotline to Jolt is drivel, and easily one of the biggest movie let-downs Amazon has put out in a while. But the character of Lindy Lewis deserves more than some praise, she deserves a whole franchise of much better movies.

In the age of Peppermint, Atomic Blonde, Gunpowder Milkshake and Salt, Jolt certainly stands up the most as having a lead whose drink you'd definitely not want to knock over in a bar. Even the biggest, brawniest and downright psychopathic of goons couldn't take down Lindy Lewis.

What does that tell you?


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