10 Truly Terrible Movie Teachers

Teaching is arguably one of the most important professions in today's society. Those who dedicate themselves to molding and influencing our youth have a profound impact on the future, good or bad. On top of the pressure that society places on teachers, the educator's job is often a stressful one. Between administrators and parents scrutinising your every move, a seemingly endless pile of papers to correct and acting as a role model/educator/babysitter for a large group of children, it's understandable why every teacher on The Simpsons smokes. While the good teachers bite their tongues and do the best they can to inspire their students while jumping through hoops for their superiors, others become bitter and vindictive. Throughout the years we have seen this noble profession on the big screen in numerous capacities, but this list focuses on those cinematic teachers that have crumbled under the pressure. While anyone who has ever stepped in front of a classroom can probably sympathise with the characters on this list, their actions and choices make them pretty terrible at their job by anyone's standards. So, simmer down class. You may begin.
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