10 Unanswered Questions From Recent Movies

The lingering questions from 2023's biggest movies so far.

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It's great when movies leave you wanting so much more, but what about when they just leave a nagging question agonisingly unanswered?

For some films it can ensure you're the first one in line to get the answer in the sequel, while in others the question is actually destined to be left hanging forever more, with audiences instead forced to ponder it amongst themselves.

Either way, these 10 recent movies all served up infuriating unanswered questions which, whether they'll be answered in due course or not, have wracked fans' brains ever since.

From a certain gun-totting hero's ambiguous fate to that possible off-screen romance in a recent Marvel Cinematic Universe film, the improbable survival of a franchise heroine, and everything in-between, these cinematic mysteries were all left firmly up in the air when the end credits rolled.

While some will absolutely be resolved in due course, other non-franchise enigmas just might be left to fester in our minds until the end of time - for better or worse.

But before we begin, know that MAJOR SPOILERS will follow for some of the year's biggest films so far...

10. Was Rocket's Trip To The Afterlife Real? - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

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At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3's second act, the heroes obtain the code to override the killswitch implanted in Rocket (Bradley Cooper), in turn saving his life.

But before Rocket returns to the land of the living, he first flatlines and has what appears to be a vision of the afterlife, where he's greeted by his fellow experimented-upon animals, Lylla (Linda Cardellini), Teefs (Asim Chaudhry), and Floor (Mikaela Hoover).

However, Lylla eventually tells Rocket that it's not yet his time to join them, just as Quill uses the code to bring him back to life.

This sequence, moving though it is, isn't elaborated upon, with the audience left to decide for themselves whether Rocket genuinely witnessed the afterlife or this was simply a near-death experience generated by his brain.

On one hand we've never seen a typical afterlife/Heaven in the MCU, but given that we have seen similar locations like Valhalla, Soulworld, and the Ancestral Plane, it's certainly easy to believe that Rocket's experience was indeed real.

But on the other, Rocket's vision had hallmarks of a garden variety near-death experience - taking place in a brilliant white void, for instance.

If James Gunn's smart - and he certainly is - he'll never answer this one and let fans make up their own minds.

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