10 Unbelievable Mission Impossible Facts

9. The Story Behind Metallica's Cinematic Soundtrack Debut

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Arguably the most dated entry in the franchise, Mission Impossible 2 is considered an inferior film compared to its counterparts due to its excessively melodramatic nature and emphasis on style over substance. One of its more dated elements is its soundtrack, with early 2000s mainstays such as Limp Bizkit, Rob Zombie, and Uncle Cracker.

The most amazing bit of the soundtrack is its dubious honour of being Metallica's cinematic debut, a fact that will certainly confuse both Mission Impossible and Metallica fans but in retrospect speaks to the overall film's ''time capsule'' nature. The song, I Disappear, does not exactly sit in the band's more celebrated work but is a nice entry in their catalog and has a music video with turn of the Millennium-esque aesthetics and imagery that invoked the film's famous rock climbing sequence.

However, the song will be remembered for its role in the infamous Metallica v. Napster case which saw the band sue the internet file-sharing service for leaking the single before its official debut, a case that saw Napster experience severe losses in the number of its subscribers and the status of peer to-peer sharing sites being called into question.


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