10 Unbelievable Movie Cameos You Probably Missed

When movie stars let themselves loose!

The life of a famous actor or director must be difficult: you try to get on with your work, bringing joy to the world through creativity and vision, only to be accused of arrogance and detachment from real people because you live in a solid gold house on a diamond hill in California.

People just don't see how much of a sacrifice it all is when someone wants to take your picture, and how justified your top billing and hugely inflated pay-check really are. All joking aside, there are some mega-star talents who have waived their astronomical fees to appear in films for directors who didn't even have the grace and goodwill to offer them a major part, and sometimes without even a name billing in the final credits.

These are the true heroes of Hollywood, walking, talking Easter Eggs hidden in films that were already entertaining in their own right, and made infinitely more engaging by that flickering moment of recognition... Was that really...? Nah, it couldn't have been.

Here are the 10 biggest and best hidden cameos from mega-star talents...

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