10 Unbelievable Origins Of Iconic Star Wars Sound Effects

5. Hyperspace - Two Recordings Of A Jet Played Out Of Sync

The Sound Effect: Say what you want about Lucas' desecration of the Original Trilogy's mythos with the prequels, he at least understood part of the magic of his classics. Even though Episodes I, II and III take place on a much wider scale than the originals, not once do we see any of the ships traveling through hyperspace. Done to ensure it was going to be A New Hope that first showed audiences the star-stretching effect no matter what order you watched the films in, it was a rare moment of restraint on Lucas' part that actual strengthens Episode IV. Hyperspace itself is a freaky, fourth-Doctor-opening-esque tunnel created as a spaceship travels faster than lightspeed. A completely fantastical concept, the sound of it is a sort of sci-fi-enhanced rumble. The Crazy Origin: Initially the sound of a McDonnell Douglas DC-9, jet, Burtt tinkered slightly with the recording to bring it to the galaxy far, far away. Taking two copies of the DC-9 sound and playing them slightly out of sync, the product is an oscillating version of the engine.
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