10 Uncharacteristically Competent Actions By Dumb Movie Characters

Those moments when idiots come good by doing something with at least a modicum of competence.

Movies are full of dumb characters - in fact there's barely a single movie, from any genre, without at least one idiot making a fool of themselves in one way or another. They're mostly there for comedic purposes and tend to say and do ridiculously stupid things for the audience's entertainment. In fact, some of Hollywood's most memorable characters have been complete and utter idiots. These douchebags often have absolutely no common sense, are mostly completely lacking ambition, will prepare totally haphazard schemes and, in some cases, are nothing more than outright losers.

However, quite often, they'll actually surprise us with a single moment of competence, doing something that lets us know that there's a glimmer of hope for them and that there might actually be someone at home up there. It might not necessarily be for the right reasons, but they'll do something that requires a level of skill or a level of intelligence that we otherwise didn't realise they possessed.

So let's take a look at those moments when idiots come good by doing something with at least a modicum of competence - something they had otherwise appeared to be completely lacking in. Here are ten uncharacteristically competent actions by otherwise extremely dumb movie characters...

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