10 Underappreciated 90s Thrillers You Must Watch

Whatever you do, don't miss these natural born thrillers.

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Thriller as a genre has given us some of the best and most recognisable films in history and has been ever present throughout cinema. From the master of the genre in Hitchcock to the contemporary auteurs such as David Fincher and European master Dario Argento, thrillers ensure that edge of your seat escapism remains a cornerstone of film.

The best thrillers offer tension and can build suspense through nothing more than a setting, a shot, a particular cut or through soundtrack. They often build toward an uncertain climax, keeping viewers hooked through character development, narrative twists and red-herring plot elements.

A clear genre in its own right, thriller often transcends to being a certain feeling or atmosphere a film might emanate. This lends itself well to cross-over films, the traits of the thriller genre can run through horror, sci-fi, romance and comedy as well as other primary genres and gives dimensions to a film which can lift it to new levels and new audiences.

However, it is certainly a genre where films, even truly great ones, can be lost or forgotten, remaining unfairly in obscurity. The 90s in particular was a very strong decade for the genre, and as such more films were released that decade that have not had the lasting appreciation they deserve.

Some were memorably big films at the time of release and have subsequently fallen out of focus, others just never quite made it on to the radars of audiences. But all deserve more attention...

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