10 Underrated Action Films You Have To Watch

Seriously though... why do people dislike Last Action Hero?!

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Action films are a dime a dozen and a lot of them feel like the same old story - a man with a dark past loses someone and they use their skills to gain revenge. Unsurprisingly, a significant amount of these movies are forgotten about, forever destined to miss out on the credit they sorely deserve.

Some action movies do break the mould but are hamstrung by poor marketing that does little to differentiate them from more generic offerings. Simply put, a lot of trailers focus on the tried and tested plot points that make action movies generic and amorphous with one another. As a result, the action films that do deviate from the formulaic are sometimes overlooked.

Whether it is because of bad marketing, an uninspired cast or deeper turbulence, all of the action films on this list never got the attention they truly deserved. These films showcase that revenge is a dish that can be served in multiple ways and can still lead to exciting results.

Some of these titles leverage the silliness of action movies, while others deconstruct it. Either way, they offer a refreshing take on a genre that can occasionally feel monotonous.

10. Demolition Man (1993)

The Rundown
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While Demolition Man made money and attracted viewers, critics weren't too kind to this sci-fi/action title. The film actually provides interesting social commentary alongside large action set pieces, cryogenics and, for some reason, virtual sex.

In the year 2032, Phoenix (Snipes) steals a lot of guns and no one in the current police force is fit for the task. As a result, Spartan (Stallone) is defrosted from cryogenic sleep and tasked with bringing him in.

The film was undoubtedly the result of a lot of sci-fi and action tropes being thrown together. However, the aspects that stuck make for a pretty refreshing take on the usual action formula. A lot of people may scoff at the chance to see Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone face-off in the future, but this film does manage to deliver the energy and setting required for a good film.

Some critics harshly assessed the casting for this film, but the two action stars have a track record of delivering quality action which is illustrated by their age-defying careers (as well as their tendency to keep appearing in this list).


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