10 Underrated Horror Movie Moments That Will Scar You For Life

The unsung jump scares, nightmares, unforgettable kills, and gory chills that will haunt you...

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In the world of onscreen horror, there's nothing quite like the rush of a good scare.

Whether it's a creepy sequence in a subtle classic like The Innocents or a gory boundary-pushing scene in a hard-R horror from Hostel's Eli Roth, a properly inventive scary moment can make cinema-goers forgive any number of cinematic sins that the movie may otherwise be guilty of.

No interesting characters? No problem, just kill one of them off in unforgettably grisly fashion.

Predictable plot? Throw in a terrifying face appearing in the dark and all your narrative woes will be forgiven.

It's not a perfect formula, sure. But as the career of horror maestro/ Scooby Doo-tier storyteller Dario Argento proves, with enough viscerally terrifying sequences a movie doesn't even need a comprehensible plot. But what about the scary scenes which never got their day in the sun (or in the dark moonlight, as may be more appropriate)?

This list is here to bring you the best unsung scares which will keep you up at night long after the credits roll. Some are rarely spotlighted scenes from famous films, some are from under-seen classics of the genre, but all of these moments never received the credit they deserved for scaring audiences s***less.


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