10 Underrated Horror Movies You Need To See


Oculus Movie
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Horror movies are renowned for being a little bit weird. Or a lot weird, in most cases, when it comes to fighting off demonic refrigerators, subduing cannibalistic clowns, or going head to head with killer rabbits - but it's exactly that type of obscurity that makes the genre so great. Whether it's finding a disgusting gem forgotten over time or appreciating the films left to the wayside by the box office, there's plenty of movies out there waving their flag of f*cking weird nonsense with pride, and doing so even if it means losing a large audience in the process.

Collecting together the best movies unrecognised for their bloody efforts, cast aside for their shaky cam, or just not talked about quite ENOUGH, these are films that have been overlooked throughout the years since their release; relegated to midnight showings and cult audiences willing to give them the time of day. There's something for everyone if you're willing to go rooting around the debris of the world of horror film for long enough.

Just wear some rubber gloves, for god's sake, you really don't know where they've been.

10. As Above, So Below

Oculus Movie
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Set deep underground in the Catacombs of Paris, As Above, So Below capitalises on its creepy setting at every given opportunity - surrounding its characters with over six million people's remains in claustrophobic, dark tunnel systems. With alchemy scholar Scarlett searching for the real life philosopher's stone amongst the corpses, her research team soon discovers more lurking in the darkness than magic rocks. Really though, you can't feel sorry for her - she should have known better since Dumbledore destroyed the thing 13 years ago.

Mixing together demonic hallucinations and a naturally terrifying setting, the film is a great example of found footage functioning as it should. Whilst it suffers in part from cliched writing, the underlying metaphor for hell and a reflected reality that neatly references its title is a truly frightening world to immerse yourself into - rendering the film underrated and subsequentially ignored since its 2014 release.

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