10 Underrated Horror Movies You Should Watch This Halloween

If you need something new for your Halloween repertoire, then look no further.

Shout! Factory

October 31st is an excellent opportunity to revel in the dark and macabre, which is why its many peoples favourite date in the calendar.

When it comes to Halloween time, there are many titles that people get excited about watching. Whether they are a part of franchise names like Saw or the Conjuring, or classics like The Shinning, there are plenty of great options to accompany the spooky holiday.

Although it's true that we have so many established products to view, why not go in a different direction this year and approach something new?

With the genre being as vast and expansive as it is, many phenomenal titles go under the radar. Some of them are cheap and fun horror experiences and others are surprisingly profound terrors that will stick with you for a while after viewing.

These films are pieces that did not achieve the amount of success that they deserved, and whilst some gained cult status, it is safe to say that they should be far more well known.

So this Halloween treat yourself to an entirely new experience and watch one of these underrated flicks.

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