10 Underrated Performances In Obvious Cash-Grab Movies

Sometimes a shameless remake can give birth to a rather special turn.

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Cash grab movie projects aren't exactly anything new. The act of throwing together a flick in the quest of more of that fine green dollar has been present in the film industry for what feels like forever. Why settle for just one financially successful hit when you can possibly double your earnings with a highly anticipated sequel or remake?

Unfortunately though, when it comes to these clear (and sometimes shameless) attempts to capitalise on the prior success of a property, the performances on show sometimes leave a lot to be desired for a number of reasons.

However, every once in a while an actor truly rises to the sequel or remake occasion and produces a remarkable turn which sticks out like a sore thumb for all the right reasons.

Whether they were putting their own spin on a previously well-known character, reprising a role they were synonymous with or just having the time of their life in a mindless blockbuster, each of these following 10 thespians all acted their socks off and produced a performance which deserved a lot more praise than it actually got when the cash grab in question hit the big screen.

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