10 Unexpected Horror Movie Survivors

These characters seemed like goners, but they made it through!

The Hunt

If you ever, by some twisted mishap, find yourself inside a horror movie, then you'd best be prepared to make peace with yourself because your chances of survival are about to plummet. Whether it's a slasher flick, a sci-fi epic, a monster movie or even, in some rare cases, a comedy musical, you'd be foolish to expect to come out without some blood spilt.

While plenty of horror viewers spend their time hoping the cast won't get chopped up, brutalised or just killed in general, it's safe to say you'd be pretty disappointed if you left the theatre (or your bedroom) with a kill count of zero. Thus, there's always a guarantee that plenty of characters are about to meet their maker.

The more horror you watch, the better you get at picking up on clues about who is off next. It can often seem obvious which characters will die based on their personalities, intelligence or plenty of other factors. But, sometimes, you get a slap in the face as someone who you expected to bite the bullet makes it out alive.

These coming survivors are great examples of this, as no one thought they'd make it through, but they proved everyone wrong.


There will be big spoilers for these movies, so be warned!

10. The Mother - The Mist

The Hunt

As far as Stephen King adaptations go, The Mist is one that stands tall as "pretty decent". It told the story of a collection of people seeking refuge in a supermarket from a terrifying mist that engulfed their town and brought with it some terrifying beasties.

This character was so destined for the chopping block that she didn't even get a name. Her fate seemed set after she left the safety of the grocery store and ventured out into the titular mist to find her kids. Anyone used to horror knew the drill here; she was D, to the E, to the A, to the D! But, then, that ending came along.

If you don't already know The Mist's gruelling ending, then you're in for a doozy. It showed as the protagonist, his kid, and a few survivors decided their situation was hopeless. Rather than being eaten by monsters, the hero decided to use a gun to end their suffering, but just after this happened, the mist cleared, and out popped this lady, kids in hand, having survived the whole ordeal and brought the cavalry to help.

Oh, dear, god, so not only did she become an unexpected survivor, but she also became the catalyst for one of horror's bleakest finales.


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