10 Unique Genre-Bending Indie Films Of 2020

2020's best Indie movies that dared to put a new spin on well-known tales.

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There is an infinite range of how to tell a story. While most storytellers consider drama and tragedy the two main pillars to tell a tale, there are so many sub-genres out there, with wild twists and breaking the so-called “rules”.

As you've probably guessed by now, genre-bending is any book, or movie for that matter, that won't just fit into one single genre. It's because they don't conform that they tend to grab our attention in ways books that stoically stick to one genre sometimes don’t.

Allowed is what keeps the audience glued to the screen and throws a surprise at them, or two. Genre have been bent since the beginning of the movie-era, with 1965’s noir/thriller horror “Alphaville”, 1998’s sci-fi fantasy horror “Dark City”, and 1981’s cosmic horror / romantic drama “Possession”, to “Mulholland Drive” and “Eraserhead”. Modern entries include crazy flicks such as “Ginger Snaps”, “Wildling”, “A girl walks home alone at night”, and oh-so-many horror / coming-of-age thrillers such as “Super Dark Times”. The list goes on and on, and we would surely sit here for a while, would there be a list of genre-benders for each year.

The film industry sure has a lot to offer when it comes to twisting and turning a genre you thought you know upside down, and does so with varying success. We will therefore ignore all the “family drama / horror” flicks and blockbusters for now.

On this list we focus on this years entries of independent movies that dared to put a new spin on well-known tales, the current ones that just went mental with new and unpredictable ideas.

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