10 Unnecessary Movie Details You Need To Know

9. There Are Five Real Skeletons Hidden In Maria's Wedding Scene - The Sound Of Music

Bruce Willis Fifth Element

Less up for debate than Batman's mirror "cameo" is the presence of five real skeletons in Maria von Trapp's (Julie Andrews) wedding scene in The Sound of Music.

The scene was filmed in Basilika St. Michael in Mondsee, Austria, where the authentic altar plays host to five skeletons - that of monk Abbot Conrad II, and four so-called "catacomb saints," Christians whose corpses were exhumed and dressed up to resemble saints.

Because the whole dead bodies vibe was at odds with what the filmmakers were trying to achieve in the wedding scene, the decision was made to conceal the skeletons as best possible - albeit without being able to actually move them.

The set decorators ended up placing plant pots in front of the two most prominently featured saints, while a larger statue was placed in front of Conrad's skeleton in the golden middle portion of the altar.

And like that, there are literal dead bodies on surreptitious display in one of the most beloved musical films of all time. Who knew?


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