10 Unpopular Movie Opinions (And How To Justify Them)

Swole Batman is best Batman.

Batman V Superman Ben Affleck
Warner Bros.

Opinions on movies are like you know what: everybody's got them, and in the age of the hot take, film fans the world over just love making absurd and unsubstantiated claims about hit movies.

But you know what? Sometimes the crackpots actually turn out to be right.

These 10 opinions on movies and filmmakers are all incredibly unpopular, even laughable opinions to the vast majority of audiences, even though there's more than enough solid ground to persuasively argue in their favour.

From "terrible" blockbusters that are actually pretty good, to a certain grossly overrated director, a plot twist that's far better-executed than it gets any credit for and a certain actor who quietly gave cinema its best Batman ever, it's definitely worth reconsidering your stance on these 10 topics.

In the era of upvotes and aggregated comments it's not always easy for dissenting opinions to be heard, but if you're ready to put the pitchforks down and consider some alternate viewpoints, these takes just might change your mind...


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