10 Unusual Demands Made By MCU Actors

Samuel L. Jackson asked that Nick Fury doesn't run anywhere.

Spider-Man Far From Home Nick Fury
Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is such a gargantuan enterprise at this point that few actors can really profess to be much more than a mere cog in the gigantic, unstoppable entertainment machine.

And in fairness, most actors are simply happy to be along for the ride, earning a decent paycheck while appearing in the most popular media IP on the damn planet.

Yet while actors may not consider themselves to have much bargaining power within the grander scheme of the franchise, that doesn't mean some performers haven't made left-field requests regardless.

From A-list legends to rising supporting players, these actors all made bizarre demands, whether before shooting started or in the middle of filming, whether to their director or to Marvel higher-ups themselves such as Kevin Feige.

Whether begging for extra creative control, dictating their character's hair style, or in one extreme case even asking to be killed off, these 10 actors all made some majorly peculiar asks.

Some of these demands were granted, a few were soundly rejected, and others resulted in a meet-in-the-middle compromise. Regardless of the outcome, the requests themselves were totally unexpected to say the least...

10. To Keep Food Hidden Around The Set During Shooting - Robert Downey Jr.

Spider-Man Far From Home Nick Fury
Marvel Studios

It's fair to say that the MCU wouldn't be what it is today without the invaluable contributions of Robert Downey Jr., whose performance in the original Iron Man built a firm foundation for everything that followed.

As such it's little surprise that Marvel Studios has generously rewarded Downey over the years with colossal paydays for the Avengers movies in particular, culminating in him netting a stonking $75 million for his part in Avengers: Endgame.

But Downey had an altogether more particular demand while shooting his various MCU films, that he be allowed to keep food hidden on the sets for snacking.

It's no secret that we often see Tony Stark eating a snack or drinking something during his scenes, and generally speaking this isn't written into the script. Instead, Downey has simply picked up one of the snacks he's hidden around the set and started eating it during the take.

Evidently it's something that Kevin Feige and the various directors have acquiesced to, because let's face it, if your frontline star wants to eat some blueberries during a take and it doesn't ruin the scene, why not let him?

It's certainly consistent with the Tony Stark character and ultimately became something of an endearing trait, so it was most certainly for the best.


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