10 Upcoming Movie Cameos You Don't Know About

Ed Sheeran is the latest celebrity Stormtrooper.

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Ed Sheeran

Movie cameos can be a wonderful thing, because who doesn't enjoy watching a beloved actor show up for a brief, often unexpected appearance in a movie, or a game celebrity turning up for a gleefully self-deprecating one-off scene?

Not all cameos are created equal, of course, and sometimes filmmakers take things too far. However, these cameos planned for upcoming movies - whether officially confirmed or gleaned from leaks - should hopefully prove both satisfying and entertaining in equal measure.

From a legendary screen superhero showing up to pass the torch to her younger successor, to actors making unexpected returns to reprise decades-old characters, A-listers making surprise post-credits appearances and everything in-between, these are the cameos to keep your eyes peeled for over the coming year.

It of course remains to be seen how they all turn out in the final cut, and nothing's ever a sure thing until the movie hits cinemas, but these are most certainly the sneaky planned cameos the studios don't want you to know about...


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