10 Upcoming Movie Remakes You Should Be More Annoyed About Than Ghostbusters

Things could be much, much worse.

Power Rangers Ghostbusters
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Boo, Ghostbusters. The remake of the SNL-alum-starring comedy about funny ghoul hunters has not been having any easy ride to cinemas. First was the news it wouldn't bring back the original characters, but instead have a new, gender-swapped team, causing a sexist backlash that still looms over the project, and then the trailer hit. Cue more dislikes than ever before and a marketing campaign that's desperately trying to make itself look cool. And it all feels a bit unfair.

Does the movie look good? Not really, no, but how many other films are there that look terrible, yet fans still get unconditionally excited for pre-release? And here people aren't even letting the pre-release build-up happen; you don't need to wait for the reviews because everyone's decided this is rubbish, the worst movie of the year and an emblem of everything wrong with Hollywood. We've even had YouTube reviewers announcing they won't see the film, flagrantly disregarding the entire point of critical theory.

Personally, I think it's frankly disgusting that someone who poses as a critic would choose to not watch something simply because of white-hot nostalgia, although by making such a big point about how Ghostbusters is a sacred cow in his video, Cinemassacre did accidentally succeed in highlighting the bigger problem here.

Why this movie? Why is Ghostbusters, a film that for all its issues looks to be trying to do something semi-progressive. Why not Total Recall, RoboCop, The Thing, Point Break, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th or Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

There's nothing so overbearingly special about Ghostbusters that makes it any more worthy of ire than those. In fact, that it is the chosen one betrays a lot about where we are in the cycle of childhood recollection and who's in control of the internet viewpoint - it's not like it's the only upcoming remake that should have you seething with rage/ Here's ten that are probably going to be worse.

10. Ben-Hur

Power Rangers Ghostbusters
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Eleven Oscars. One of the biggest box office grosses ever (at that point). A legacy that looms over cinema. Why the f*ck are people getting prissy about a redo of a SNL team-up over Ben-Hur? The remake comes from serial phoner-in Timur Bekmambetov and looks to be every bit as needlessly sensationalist a take as you'd expect.

The trailer does have some visual stylings, but it feels so empty and false. The CGI is massively unconvincing, making the Chariot Race look worse than what was achieved in 1959, and there's something incredibly flat about how it paints the story - everyone looks to be completely resigned to just doing the same old sh*t all again.

The "original" Ben-Hur was actually itself a remake of a 1925, but it used the decades of development and rise of the Biblical epic to offer a new take on the story. Despite double the time passing, 2016 looks to be the same but with fake sheen.


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