10 Upcoming Movie Sequels That Absolutely Nobody Is Looking Forward To

Angels & Demons There are some upcoming movie sequels, unnecessary as they probably are, that movie fans - be it in secret or not - actually want to see. Some examples include: Star Wars: Episode VII, Prometheus 2, and hey, Chronicle 2 could actually be pretty good if they found a good way to continue the story, right? There are other upcoming sequels, though, that have somehow found themselves in development right this second, despite the fact that any random passerby on the street could tell you that the human race isn't really all that bothered about seeing them. So why are they getting made? Well, generally speaking, absolutely any sequel has more of a chance of making a ton of money at the box office than any wholly original feature - it doesn't matter that audiences would probably prefer original features - as long as we keep going to see sequels, we'll have to kept suffering them. Take a look at the following 10 movies, then, all of which are currently in production, even though none of them have any real reason to exist... and for one simple reason: nobody is bothered. You hear that, Hollywood? Not bothered! Hello? Hollywood? ... They hung up, I guess.
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